5 Terrifying Facts About Witches

Witchcraft has been a topic of interest and fascination for many years. We read about them in books, see them in movies, and their history and origins can still be read about and studied. Whether you believe that magic is real or not, the history and truth about witchcraft is a fascinating one. Here are five terrifying facts about witches that you might not know.

The first fact that might give you the creeps is a particular book fact. There is an actual book in existence called the “Malleus Maleficarum” which is Latin for “The Witches Hammer.” This book is a legitimate how-to guide on identifying, interrogating, and convicting witches. How spooky is that? It was published by Heinrich Kramer back in 1487.

Another scary witch fact is that there is a village called Mayong in Assam, India that may be truly ridden with black magic! There are many stories and terrifying legends about this village and they’re all pretty hair raising. There are multiple stories of people vanishing into thin air, people being turned into animals, and the scariest story is of an army of 100,000 people wandering into the village … none of whom were ever seen again. Many of the local inhabitants there study ‘black magic’ and many who go near it have claimed that the place has a very unwelcoming ambiance to it.

It is possible to trace the origin of witch-hunting back to 1208! Two of the pope’s inquisitors at the time were staying at a house in Avignonet, the south of France. They were all there on work business. While they were there, one of the pope’s inquisitors, a man named Pierre de Castelnau, believed that the old testament God was a demon. The pope later had him admitted. Pierre de Castelnau later wound murdering the other inquisitor and the pope, who grew to fear heretics, began accusing others with opposing beliefs and thus began the talk and belief of witchcraft.

Another creepy fact about witches is that witches have animal companions called ‘familiars.’ Stories of witches and their familiars are documented in many different parts of the world, even different continents. This raises the belief that witchcraft is, in fact, real, because it would be too ironic for such similar tales to be heard from opposite sides of the world, in a time when that kind of travel was impossible. A witch’s familiar can be any sort of creature, but the most common ones seem to be bats, toads, and cats.

The last terrifying witch fact is that nobody knows the number of all those who were killed in the witch trials of the past. Guesses and estimates have run anywhere from thousands to even hundreds of thousands! Fear ran rampant in those days and they were accusing one another left and right. Some were even tortured for information and died in some pretty brutal and terrible ways. What a frightening time to be alive.

If these neat witch facts weren’t enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you can find a ton more information about witches and even how certain witch religions still exists today. It certainly is a taboo subject, but it’s spooky, fun, and interesting too – read article on what can real witches do.

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